model ship

Building model ships is a skill that takes time and training. When building a boat for the first time, the main challenged faced by most builders is choosing the right model. Making a ship from kits appears to be more comfortable than coming up with something from scratch. This might be true or not, but the main advantage of using model ships is the fact that kits have assembly instructions.

Model Ship Kits

model ship

Some kits are of low quality, both concerning materials and instructions. Such models are a waste of time and could hinder you more than how they make the job easy. Thus, if you are planning to build quality model ships, the most important thing to do is get the right kit.

If you are building a model ship for the first time, you might want to start with a less demanding project. This will help you kill the enthusiasm in your head. From there, you can then try more complicated models as you try to improve your ship-building skills.

Types of Model Ships

There are many reasons to build a model ship. However, for a hobbyist, it typically boils down to two main categories.

Static Model Ships

A good number of boats are built as static models. Ideally, these models are made for display purposes. Most boat models, regardless of the material used are meant for static uses. At times, some builder might want to convert a static model into a working model (explained below). This is a mistake that can prove costly considering that most static models tend to be relatively more cumbersome than working models.

Working Model Ships

model ship newwA working model is meant to run on water. As such, the construction of working models tends to be quite demanding considering that these models should be made to scale and very high accuracy. However, there is an underlying tolerance for semi-scale models as long as they are working models.

Building RC boat models come with a unique purpose beyond just building the boat itself. For RC model ships, they have to be waterproofed, tough for transport and use, and most importantly remain buoyant or float on water. Building model ships can be involving depending on how you want it to be.