youtube channel

Becoming a YouTuber is something that everyone wants to do these days, and you can do it as well as long as you have all the gear that you need.

Camera and extra batteries

cameraThe very first thing that you need to have is a camera that can record the video and make your vision come true. You do not always have to wait and save for an expensive camera because you can always start with what you already have which is your phone. Most smartphone nowadays comes with excellent camera quality that you do not even need to buy another camera until you feel like you need more. And when you buy one, make sure that you always have extra batteries in hand because sometimes you will need more time and energy to shoot everything that you need to have.

Two microSD or more

For camera users, you need to at least have two microSD in hand. It is more convenient to be able to take as much footage as you want and not have any limitation on the memory of the camera. It will also come in handy to bring with when you are traveling so you can always be ready to make a content anywhere and anytime.

Small and large tripod

Depending on the types of videos that you want to make, you might need different tools. But one accessory that everyone with no exception will need is a tripod. Get yourself both the small and large tripod, so you do not have to worry about stacking books or random household items to make the camera get to the height that you want. This investment will go along the way since you can also use it to do a photoshoot and take full body pictures utilizing a timer.


Not every camera comes with an excellent microphone, and most YouTubers use an external mic to please the ears of their viewers. There is almost nothing more annoying than watching a video with bad sound quality. Luckily there are a lot of affordable mics out there that will do the job fine.

Laptop or PC

laptop and coffeeThe last thing that is essential for your video is a laptop or PC because you need to edit everything nicely before you can upload it. From the intro, effects, ending, and the thumbnail as well is not something that you can do on your phone alone.